Thursday, January 07, 2016


It is paramount and apposite to appreciate the cynosure concepts that are prima facie irritating in our modern world as it appears in the above thereof.

“Moral” according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is concerned (sic) principles of rights and wrong behaviors. It is based on your own sense of what is right and fair, not legal rights or duties. It also means following the standards of behavior considered acceptable and right by most people. On the other hand, Decadence means having or showing low standards especially moral ones and an interest only in pleasure and enjoyment rather than more serious things.
It is befuddled, obfuscating, as well as disconcerting that one can say, is it not nauseating hitherto, talking about moral decadence?
But the fact remains that as simple as it appears, it is quite pernicious to the fabric of the society and lives much to be desired. Virginity, chastity, courtesy, reading culture, transparency, merit, hospitality, commitment, rule of law, all is now obsolete. What a scandal!

In those days, before one got married, he or she went to any of their relatives, consulted to him or her about his proposed wife or husband’s virtue. Educated people also toed the same line to get virtuous wives or husbands. As such girls, who were ready anticipated good husbands prepared themselves decently so as to be conspicuous and wife-worthy.
Parents incubated and inculcated good morals to their children at the younger age to curb the waywardness instincts in order to reflect the saying that: “Charity begins at home.” The manner of dressing was also taught by parents but stricto sensu, mothers, church leaders played the same role vis-à-vis teachers. But today, the reverse is the case.

As a matter of fact, this has contributed a lot of challenges to many or every aspect of life, be it education, economical, sociological, political, legal, religious, and otherwise. This has retarded, thwarted, and encumbered the much needed development in all sectors.

First, our educational system has experienced a lot of challenges nowadays, typical, is examination malpractice in our secondary and tertiary institutions. It has become worrisome that, at the primary level, where it is the springboard of education which is supposed to be well furnished has also been involved and in turn precarious, resulting to half-baked graduates. At the tertiary institutions, it has become an eyesore to witness students turning conducive learning environment to an area of prostitution, and all sorts of negative behaviors. A friend of mine once told me that whenever he wanted to practice sexual immorality, he went to campus in the evening and called it “Sure banker,” that is, he must get the number he wants at a time.
Regrettably, our campus (Benue State University), for instance, the management has evolved all means to curb the trend by introducing dress codes for almost all the faculties to curtail male and female students from putting on skimpy and provocative dresses to no avail. The paradigm and shocking example is Law female students, who have continued putting on seductive skirts etc. The profession that has been known for decorum, integrity, and as prestigious is now been adulterated with such students. It is our collective concern to take stock and rake over this exigency, in other to restore the lost glory. Permit me to say that, your dress tells who you are, and it determines the caliber of persons to marry or follow you after here.

Related to the above, the lackadaisical, lackluster, and nonchalant attitude to reading culture has also contributed a lot to the falling standards of education. The eaves drop, but subterfuge and trepidation to some, premised on the fact that, merit has been waned down to the barest minimum, and that, no matter the intensity of one’s effort, but subject to some conditions. How true is the statement?  God and lecturers are the most credible to address the issue.

Moreover, in adherent to the rule of law, lack of respect for parents or elders, impoliteness, waywardness, all are piece meal eating deep in the fabric of our society, and tertiary institutions in particular. For instance, Law Students Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN), Benue State University branch, has rules regulating all of its activities, but the most worrisome is lack of enforcement and implementation, typical is the issue of dress code. There are Ethical Committees in various classes, but they are inert, paving way for skimpy and provocative protanto seductive dresses in the faculty. Societies including cults, they say, exist on the campus. Though, SS. 35 & 40 of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria, as amended, provide for freedom of liberty and freedom of association and religion respectively, but Utilitarian School of Thought would say, there is a need to balance the utility for the common good of all, which is security, equality, liberty, and abundance.

The sine qua non is the enforcement of the laid down rules, to wit, LAWSAN should in collaboration with Faculty authority to ensure that, defaulters are brought to book. Ethical Committee should be empowered  to drive any student that is found flouting, particularly, in terms of dress code outside the class. Security men mounted at the entrance should be involved.
Parents and teachers are fundamental as such; they should retrospect with a view of saving the situation. Incentives should be provided for deserving students to motivate and encourage them and others, to sit up and merit should be emphasized.
On the part of students, endurance, commitment, politeness, virtue, obedience and determination should be their watch dog wherever they find themselves.

All these in place, society, educational institutions particularly, will witness a turnaround sooner than later.

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