Thursday, January 07, 2016


The general adoption of western culture (if it’s culture at all) is so strange and alarming. This goes to none but my sisters at home. It may just be them or yours as well. They have thrown out core African values. At some point, I thought it to be the never-ending viewing of Telemundo series, but I traced it back to the time we had no satellite, yet, their attitude which I’m putting forward soon was there, or still played by them.

You can imagine that my sisters cannot serve me food? Should I have even asked? If I should be back from school, or if food is ready, they just go to the kitchen, allocate my share in a plate, shout out my name, or walk past me saying, “Kwayan woo ngu hin kitchen,” that is, “Your food is in the kitchen.”
I consider this very terrible. If it has been bad in other places, then it’s ‘badder’ at my place. My sister’s are all my seniors by age and educationally. Nevertheless, by being Africans, they should know better that it costs nothing to serve meals to your younger ones. I don’t see this as degrading in any way.

Come to think of it, they all have boyfriends for God’s sake. Do they not serve meals to them? They dare not tell them to go to the kitchen and pick their meals. They dare not!
That could only mean they place more value on their boyfriends than on me – their brother. One thing is sure. I will always be their brother, but, will that boyfriend become their husband eventually? It’s just a probability.

It could then be discounting. Yes, discounting. I say this with(out) responsibility. They have also refused to be influenced by Zee World, the Indian channel they have all flocked unto. Now, Indian culture a fortiori African culture is hardly different. It therefore means they have closed their senses to the good taste of culture. They have refuse

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