Saturday, January 09, 2016


For long, the Americans have tried to remain in dispute with Britain – the colonialists. They have rejected and changed everything about them just to be different. One that is glaringly obvious is their choice of language – English grammar. They have twisted their tongues in a very strange manner.
They can’t be simple and say:”put it back.” Instead, they form out something which comes out like:”puuh ree bah.” Hahaha! Come on! What’s that?

It makes me remember my lecturer who would say:”the Americans simply cannot speak English.”
But that is true. If not, why are students, almost globally, told not to speak American English? One for me is that, it is too vulgar and disrespecting. Their choice of freedom has betrayed even their word structuring.

Two, no one just gets what they say. What’s so hard in saying:”I’ll be going to your place?” They just want to be brief, so they say:”I’m gonna go to your place.” What’s even ‘gonna’ for god sake?
The brevity of Americans is the reason, for me, that’s making the African students to fail their English courses. African students are so much in love with their movies that they are prone to copy whatever is being said by their actors.

It even appears like a war against Britain, and we should not join forces with Americans to fight the British. They have become a world power and so feel they can spill over everything, just to be in conflict with Britain. The Americans have not helped us in any way. I hear you say “but how have the British helped us?” But sure they did. Even though little. But little is better than nothing at all.

Differences in American and British English

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