Tuesday, February 09, 2016

How to Create an "About Me" Page in Blogger

So we'll go through this tutorial using Natasha's Blog. Let's begin.

So you recently created your first blog and you've spent some time designing it, but now you want to start adding some features like an "About Me" page, or a "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions) page. Maybe if you write about food on your blog, you'll want a "Recipes" page.
Creating a page in Blogger can be really simple once you know all the steps involved. Here they are...
The first step is to go to "Pages" in blogger. Once there, click the "New Page" button and select "Blank page".
A new window will open, and this is where you can design your new page. Start by adding a title (ex. About Me) and then put some text into the box, perhaps even a photo of yourself. Then click "Publish".
But don't stop there! When you first create your blog, your pages are automatically set as "Don't show". In order for your page to appear, you need to change that setting to either "Top tabs" or "Side links".
Then click "Save arrangement".
Now your blog should have a beautiful new bar at the top with a "Home" button and another button of your choosing. To go back and make changes to a page, simply go back to "Pages"and click "Edit" under the page you want to select.

Any difficult, drop it in the comment box.

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